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Restaurants With The Best Views In Valle de Guadalupe

Kara S.

Kara S.

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The majestic mountains that surround the valley and tower over the vineyards are picturesque, while the beauty of the vines make you appreciate each sip of your favored wine even more. Then there are some views that overlook the Pacific Ocean with its blue waves that dance in the distance. The Valley has a very rustic feel to it, which adds to laidback and mellow vibes that entice tourists looking for something relaxing.

Valle de Guadalupe has some of the best views of Baja California.

While there are many places to partake in the gorgeous views of Valle de Guadalupe, the best views can be experienced at various restaurants. These eateries are placed atop of vineyards and lodgings, offering patrons amazing meals with scenic views that are breathtakingly beautiful as they are memorable. There’s something to be said about a meal with a stunning backdrop. Not only does it enhance the flavors on the plate as the patron’s mood is elevated by picturesque scenes, but it also makes the occasion more special. If you want to experience some of the best food of Valley with the best views, we’ve got a few options you’ll definitely want to try out whenever you book that trip to Valle de Guadalupe:

Bar Bura


One of the best restaurant views is hands down Bura Bar at Valle de Guadalupe’s notable Cuatro Cuatros lodging. Online pictures of these beautiful views don’t compare to what it’s like to actually be there to experience them. Tourists that have visited have considered the experience to be a “once in a lifetime” trip given it sits on top of a grand mountain, offering views of the serene ocean below. You have to park at the bottom of the restaurant and be bussed up by a resort shuttle (which does require a small fee, unless you are a guest at the resort). At the top, guests are offered rustic seating on hay bales that sit under sail shades. The restaurant is very popular at sunset for the refreshing views, which is why you have to book way in advance to be able to enjoy its views. The food is just as enticing as the views, with a menu that will make your mouth water even before you get your food.

Finca Altozano


Often considered the best picturesque setting in all of Valle, Finca Altozano is always packed with guests excited to feast their eyes on the views and have their taste buds experience culinary bliss. Ran by chef Javier Plascencia, the restaurant’s reputation in the Valley is one of respect and awe thanks to its fine dining menu mixed with outstanding wine selections and ambiance. The décor is rustic and casual, which is perfect for a delicious meal with a laidback feel, overlooking the property’s vineyards.

Villa Torel


Villa Torel is a must-visit when it comes to beautiful spots in the Valle de Guadalupe. It’s a fairly new restaurant by Chef Alfredo Villanueva and attached to Bodegas de Santo Tomas, one of the most historical vineyards in Mexico. Chef Villanueva has quickly made a name for himself with his simple dishes crafted from local orchards, ranches, and fishers. You can’t go wrong with any dish on his menu; even if you only have time to order the meat and cheese board, it is worth a stop. All of the food pairs perfectly with not only Santo Tomas wines but also wines of the region.

Every table on the sunny terrace provides a beautiful, expansive view of the valley. We promise you will find this restaurant hard to leave since everything about it creates the perfect atmosphere to relax and simply enjoy your food and wine. Not only is the food, wine, and view spectacular, but the service at Villa Torel is also on point. This combination speaks volumes about the experience Chef Villanueva is providing guests and why it will continue to rank high among travelers.



Located inside the Cuarzo Hotel in Valle de Guadalupe, the restaurant of the same name is touted as one of the best places to enjoy a meal and some unforgettable views. Many visitors have described the atmosphere of Cuarzo Restaurant as being very Zen thanks to its laidback décor and intimate size. Looking at the restaurant from the outside doesn’t exactly entice the senses, but step inside and you’ll be mesmerized by the beach views and fresh ocean air. Not many tourists really know about Cuarzo Restaurant, which is why it has such a lowkey ambiance. Since it’s not that well known (yet) expect intimate service from the staff. It’s definitely a hidden gem that deserves some attention on your next visit to Valle de Guadalupe.

Envero en el Valle

Las Nubes Vineyard’s Envero en el Valle restaurant is fairly new, having just opened in 2019. Despite its newness, the Valle de Guadalupe restaurant is already getting rave reviews from visitors for its grand views that overlook the entire Valley. Many have described the views as being in the clouds (thus the name), which makes for the perfect backdrop for a delicious meal with delectable wine options.



The emat Restaurant at Hilo Negro features striking design and impeccable views. Designed by part owner and architect, Ramon Salyado, the restaurant features steel, glass and concrete elements that beautifully combine to create a cutting-edge structure. The restaurant (and winery) overlooks the mountains and one can see all the way back to Sierra Blanca. The restaurant’s name is a Kumiai word that encompasses both sea and earth, which sums up its farm-to-table menu.


In a breathtaking setting, this outdoor kitchen and dining experience is truly one of Valle de Guadalupe’s hidden gems. Located inside the well-known Adobe Guadalupe Inn. The shade trees allow guests to kick back, relax and enjoy the company of loved ones for hours. One of the most beautiful places to take in the valley’s “golden hour” – the time of day just before sunset when the sun reaches down and touches the vines.

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