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Pet-Friendly Travel in Valle de Guadalupe

Kara S.

Kara S.

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For many, Valle de Guadalupe is only a drive away. What does that mean? It means that you can bring your furry friends along with you on your trip. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a vacation with the entire family…and that includes pets! With drivable distances and pet-friendly options there is no worry or hassle in finding a pet sitter, pet hotel, or any other accommodations that your pet might need while you are gone; just take them with you.

Pet-friendly travel in Valle de Guadalupe is not only possible but convenient and fun. With multiple options to choose from, your pets can enjoy themselves while you have the vacation you deserve. Find out how you can maximize your trip with your pet as a sidekick in the Valle, below.

Pet-Friendly Hotels

Whether you are looking for modern, rustic, or chic, there is a hotel for you, your party, and your pet.

El Cielo Resort

Photo by El Cielo Resort

El Cielo is the place for your moment of zen. It is named a resort, and resort quality and amenities is what you will experience. Designed with daybeds and whirlpool tubs in the bathroom, a large pool for guests, a dining experience like no other, and grounds that are breathtakingly beautiful, you can experience the best of all the Valle has to offer from the comfort of your resort.

El Cielo is the definition of modern living in the Valle with a resort experience at your fingertips.

Don Tomas Viñedo & Cabañas

Photo by @yarathesheepdog

Don Tomas Vinedo is a cozy, rustic escape to the vineyards. Enjoy your stay inside chic cabins, better known as cabanas, located amidst the vineyards of the Valle. This small boutique vineyard has everything you need for a fantastic stay in the valley and is by far one of the best values for your money.

Brick walls, barrel-shaped sinks, exposed wood ceilings, and floor-to-ceiling windows looking out over the twinkling lights above the vineyards is your chance to feel a part of the beautiful work that takes place in the Valle. An added bonus of staying at Don Tomas is access to one of the best massage services in Valle de Guadalupe Sereno Valle Massage. Be sure to complete your stay by treating yourself to a relaxing treatment.

Contemplacion Hotel Boutique

Photo by Contemplacion

Contemplacion is the perfect blend of modern and chic. Not only does this boutique hotel offer attention to detail and a unique character, but it also has attentive staff and a picturesque location atop the mountainside looking down on the Valle.

Choose between mountain view or vineyard view to experience all the beauty the Valle has to offer…from either side. Plus, we hear that the breakfast at Salvia Blanca is pretty amazing too.

Pet-Friendly Restaurants

Valle de Guadalupe chefs are turning into world-renowned celebrities. That is saying something, right? Eating out in the Valle is not just a regular restaurant night, it is a one-of-a-kind experience for all senses.

If you are concerned about your four-legged best friend being able to enjoy nightlife with you, take a look at these places for some fine dining options that understand the importance of your pet being with you.

Finca Altozano

Photo by Finca Altozano

This restaurant is not for a quick bite to eat. Be ready to please your palate with exotic dishes that include sea and land options. Chef Javier Plascencia, Chef of Animalon, owns and operates this restaurant to cultivate the finest dining options the Valle has seen. Come to have your palate blessed with explosive flavor and unique combinations.

Salvia Blanca Cocina

Photo by Salvia Blanca Cocina

Whether you are coming for breakfast or dinner, Salvia Blanca Cocina is a good place to overlook the Valle while enjoying your meal in a comfortable, cabin-style vibe. If you are looking for good food, but even better cocktail selections and a mixology line-up like no other, this is your place. Experience the best of land and sea with your furry friend by your side in this rustic, modern cabin-style restaurant.


Photo by Almatierra

Almatierra restaurant prides itself on creating dishes that are both unique and celebratory while also nodding to the rich Mexican culture that thrives in the Valle. The goal of this restaurant is to serve farm-to-table cuisine inspired by various regions of Mexico. If you are looking for an authentic, Mexican-home-inspired meal, this is the place to be.

Pet-Friendly Wineries

Not only can your dogs tag along on all your food and lodging adventures, but they can also experience what Valle de Guadalupe is known for…wine! An all-encompassing trip with your pet does not exclude the multiple wineries in the Valle that allow pets onto their vineyards and in their facilities.


This unique winery has been working on a project for over 7 years involving decantation or gravity, as the name would suggest. They do this with the firm idea to completely eliminate the process of using mechanics to pump grapes. Using only the force of gravity, Decantos is able to achieve its goal of creating wine with no mechanics involved.

With 7 tanks and 2 lakes where wine is made, you can’t go wrong by visiting.


Photo by Vinos Xecue

Jose Luis and his wife, Alberta run this winery by sharing responsibilities of winemaking and vineyard maintenance. The two are known in Mexico for turning grapes into award-winning wines. This 5-star rated winery on TripAdvisor provides tourists and locals the opportunity to taste some exquisite wine off the beaten path and in the middle of a cactus garden with over 80 species. Relax and become one with nature at Xecue.

El Cielo Winery

Photo by El Cielo

Not only is this a great hotel spot for you and your pets, but it also is a good place for some nice wine with your pets. Recognized as the first eco-responsible winery by the government of Ensenada, El Cielo pours its heart and soul into eco-friendly wine preservation as well as crafting the perfect wines to enjoy by using only the most refined barrels from Europe for the aging process.

Not only could this be a convenient location for you, the winery also has a deep history that has led to the quality wine you would experience at the winery.

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