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First Timer’s Guide to

Valle de Guadalupe

Kristie B. & Kara S

Kristie B. & Kara S

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In case you haven’t heard, Valle de Guadalupe is the new Napa. The up-and-coming wine country in Baja Mexico is quickly becoming the “it” location for wine enthusiasts, foodies, and those who simply love to visit the hottest travel locations.

This region of Mexico produces some of the world’s finest wine – even giving varietals from Napa, France, and Italy a run for their money. With more than 150 different wineries, there’s a winery for everyone’s palate!

Your guide to visiting Valle de Guadalupe for the first time

Besides the vineyards, Valle De Guadalupe is home to world-class restaurants and an ever-growing number of luxe boutique hotels, providing guests with an intimate experience like no other. Because there’s so much to do, we’ve compiled a helpful First Timer’s Guide to Valle de Guadalupe to make the most of your memorable trip (which won’t be the last).



Stay at Adobe Guadalupe: For your first trip to Valle de Guadalupe, we recommend you book your stay at Adobe Guadalupe. While there are many different places to stay during your trip to Valle de Guadalupe, Adobe Guadalupe is a beloved favorite because it literally has everything you need in a serene, magical ambiance. The cozy 6-bedroom B&B sits on a 60-acre vineyard that also houses a wine cellar, restaurant, stables, and more.

The style of the boutique B&B is elegant with a traditional hacienda-like feel. The pool and hot tub are one of the best in the area, perfect for relaxing between winery visits. Plus, you might run into the owner, Tru Miller, as she lives on the property and loves welcoming guests into her home.

Centrally located on Valle de Guadalupe’s main wine road, Adobe Guadalupe vineyards are the perfect place to stay for any first-timer’s trip. We must warn you, guests love it here so much that they never want to stay anywhere else.

Food + Wine

Once you’ve settled into your home base at Adobe Guadalupe, it’s time to experience all that the lush valley has to offer. Of course, you’ll first want to visit the Adobe Guadalupe winery because it’ll only be a few steps away from where you’re sleeping.

The winery specializes in several varietals, including Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Nebbiolo, Shiraz, Tempranillo, and a few wines featuring the Viognier grape. The cellar is only open to guests of the hotel, which is a bonus.

After your tasting, grab a light snack at the gourmet food truck on the grounds called Adobe Food Truck. Elevate your tasting experience by ordering the wine pairings. It’s the only food truck to offer a complete wine pairing with all of their dishes – and it’s fabulous.

From Adobe Guadalupe, you’ll want to head over to Monte Xanic. But before you actually arrive in Valle de Guadalupe, you’ll want to make reservations for wine tasting at Monte Xanic (no matter what day you plan on visiting).


Monte Xanic winery aims to create a memorable and intimate experience for patrons and limit their group tours to only 20 people for a more intimate affair. Guests can also make special requests for their wine tasting to be held at the edge of the shimmering lake on the weekend for more picturesque views of the property.

In terms of wine, Monte Xanic winery is known to have changed the perceptions of Mexican wine and has helped put Valle de Guadalupe on wine enthusiasts’ radar worldwide. The main grape varieties for the vineyard include Merlot, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and Syrah.

The wine tour starts in the tasting bar, where you’ll experience their production process, and ends in the underground cellar, where you can admire their French oak barrels and sip on some of their wines, admiring the intimate views.

Once you’ve had your fill at Monte Xanic vineyards, you’ll want to make your final wine tasting stop at Bruma winery.


Located on 200 acres is the eco-luxury Bruma resort, with a world-class boutique hotel, vineyard, and locally-sourced restaurant. The entire property was designed to be one with nature, with guests benefiting from a sensory connection with Valle de Guadalupe and its natural space thanks to its architecture and design. With a philosophy deeply rooted in nature and the land, the winery features robust wines that are limited to just 3,000 cases a year.

Bruma wines can be experienced at the Wynn Las Vegas and The French Laundry in Napa, which are examples of how refined their offerings are.

The tasting room is the main attraction of Bruma and was designed by well-known architect Alejandro D’Acosta (as well as the rest of the property). He’s known for using natural building materials (even those that have been discarded) and constructs them in unusually pleasing ways. Wines that Bruma specialize in include Chenin Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, to name a few.

After your tasting at Bruma Vinicola, it’s time to feast on what may just be your best meal in Valle de Guadalupe!



Fauna restaurant is located right outside of the tasting room and boasts an impeccable menu that’s known for its fresh and locally sourced ingredients. The restaurant doesn’t have a set menu, but that’s the fun of it! As for the design, the upscale restaurant features vibrant tile designs, large recycled wood family-style tables, and gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows for some amazing views of the property.

The kitchen is headed by Chef David Castro Hussong and his “experimental menu” that changes daily is always as delicious as the previous menu, providing guests with exceptional choices that build upon the region’s native dishes.

If you are up for a nightcap after dinner, enjoy some drinks at Casa Frida before you head back. The boutique hotel and winery are known for their cobalt blue exterior that can’t be missed. The eclectic venture features vintage vibes mid-century furniture and an open-air restaurant. The open rooftop bar area is perfect to sit and enjoy good company and good tunes as you have a few drinks before getting some rest for another day of sightseeing in Valle de Guadalupe


Wake up to the peaceful vibes Valle de Guadalupe offers and get ready for another exciting day of wine tasting and exploring the bountiful land.


Food + Wine

Start your day off right with the best breakfast spot Valle de Guadalupe has to offer – La Cocina de Doña Esthela. The breakfast spot sees long lines every weekend as the entire valley ascends upon the restaurant, which is located right in her home.

You’ll feast on traditional Mexican breakfast favorites and feel as if you’re visiting a beloved relative for breakfast because of the restaurant’s cozy atmosphere. FoodieHub named this spot the “Best Breakfast in the World,” and it’s a title everyone will agree on!

Once your belly is filled with the most delicious breakfast you’ve had in a long time, it’s time to start your second day in Valle de Guadalupe by heading over to La Lomita winery.


With beautiful views of the property and bold wine options, a stop at la Lomita winery won’t disappoint. You’ll be greeted by the work of Jorge Tellaeche, a young Mexican artist whose artwork hangs in many fine art galleries across the globe.

The tasting room features multiple rooms, allowing you enough space to really take in the atmosphere and enjoy your tasting despite the weekend crowds. The staff is friendly and very knowledgeable, with different tasting tiers depending on your preferences.

This winery is considered a “free flow winery,” which means that they don’t use any type of machine when moving the grapes and juice along the fermentation process and into the barrels. Instead, gravity moves the wine through the bottling process, which guests will be shown after their wine tastings. The winery has several wine selections, including Grenache, Tempranillo blends, Syrah blends, and more.

For the second wine tasting stop of the day, you’ll want to make your way to Hilo Negro winery.


Hilo Negro winery is considered one of the low-profile wineries in Valle de Guadalupe, many think of Hilo Negro as a hidden gem they get to keep to themselves (especially if you like bold red wines).

The winery features a vertical structure for the cellar, which is unique given the vertical position helps minimize damage to the musts (the “soup” of all the pressed grapes), using gravity to help in the wine-making process. The wines are renowned and have won several international awards in the few years that the winery has been open.

From Hilo Negro, finish off Day 2’s wine tasting at renowned Vena Cava.


Vena Cava is one of the region’s most notable wineries. Located in the heart of the valley, Vena Cava winery features amazing sights and wines.

The winery is unlike any other, with its desert wasteland designs that provide a unique and intimate feel for guests.

Created by famed architects Alejandro D’Acosta and Claudia Turrent, the design of Vena Cava features a variety of reclaimed items, including salvaged boats, glass, and more. It’s one of the busier wineries, so reservations are highly recommended.

Many of their wines have won awards, including their Cabernet Sauvignon, which won the Toast of the Coast’s Best of Mexico.



Enjoy a great meal at the end of Day 2 at Finca Altozano, which is also one of Valle de Guadalupe’s most popular restaurants. Located on owner and Chef Javier Plascencia’s family ranch, the restaurant allows you to dine under Mexico’s stars.

The alfresco restaurant features serene and relaxed vibes combined with delicious menu items that will have your dreaming of the food months after you are long gone. All the food is locally sourced, with menu items all modern takes on traditional Mexican classics.

But make sure to leave some room after dinner at Finca Altozano to have cocktails and apps at cliff-side restaurant Bar Bura to enjoy the ocean views at sunset.


Located inside the Cuatro Cuatros resort, Bar Bura is right on the edge of a hill that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. You’ll need a reservation and will want to give yourself enough time for the quick shuttle bus adventure up the hill. Once on top the hill, your table (a covered haystack) awaits for you to sit back and reminisce on another wonderful day in Valle de Guadalupe.


Instead of venturing out for breakfast, enjoy your last morning at the beautiful Adobe Guadalupe by having breakfast at Tru’s kitchen.


Relax and enjoy the hotel for the last few hours before you have to check out and say goodbye to this paradise. But even though your stay at Adobe Guadalupe is done, your mini vacation in Valle de Guadalupe is far from over.

Food + Wine

Enjoy exceptional wines and a relaxed vibe when wine tasting at Casa Magoni. And who knows, you might have the honor of talking to Mr. Magoni and his wife while they mingle with guests at their winery.


The family-owned and operated winery features commercial and classic varieties of grapes, creating notable wines with superior quality.

You can even opt to enjoy your tasting outside under the grand oak tree. Treat yourself to a tasty cheese board, and don’t forget to ask to taste the reserve wines.

Last but not least, your final tasting at the historical Bodegas De Santo Tomas.


Founded in 1791, Bodegas De Santo Tomas it’s the oldest winery in Baja and where winemaking in Valle de Guadalupe began. The winery tour with a Santo Tomas brand ambassador is deemed one of the best and is a must for your first visit. We promise you will fall in love with the history and charm of Mexican wine during this experience.

To broaden your knowledge and love for wine be sure to check out all of the other tours and experiences Santo Tomas offers. Become part of history and make your very own bottle of wine.


For lunch, you will want to stay on Santo Tomas property and eat at the restaurant Villa Torel. You will enjoy beautiful views, an intimate setting, excellent service, and, most importantly – fantastic food.

All dishes by chef Alfredo Vilaneuva are simple, yet elegant like the grilled sweet duck over a bed of lettuce and wildflowers.

As a new restaurant on the Valle de Guadalupe food scene, Villa Torel is quickly becoming a favorite and will be the perfect place to end your trip and to enjoy your last few hours in Valle de Guadalupe.

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