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The Best Restaurants in Valle de Guadalupe: where to eat in 2020

If you are in Valle de Guadalupe, it’s inevitable you will get your wine on, but getting your dine on is important too. Yes – you need to make sure and plan what vineyards to visit but also take the time to plan all your restaurant experiences. The food scene has exploded with so many incredible restaurants and you won’t be able to hit them all in one trip, but that’s where a checklist comes in handy. So, where should you go and why? This list is for newcomers and frequent visitors alike and it includes the best places (in no particular order) to eat in Valle de Guadalupe, from the latest openings to the established staples.

Complete EXPLORE VDG’s 2020 Restaurant checklist. We promise your tastebuds will thank you!

Note: There are many more note-worthy restaurants in Valle de Guadalupe. This is simply a list of our 2020 picks to help you get started. 

Our Best Restaurants List For 2020

The New & The Tried-And-True

  1. Fauna – awarded “Mexico’s Restaurant of the Year 2020”
  2. Deckman’s en el Mogor – alfresco kitchen and dining from a Michelin Star chef
  3. Corazon de TierraUnfortunately, this restaurants has closed its doors
  4. Finca Altozano – Celebrity chef’s turns a rustic outdoor BBQ into one of the most popular restaurants in Valle
  5. Origen at Encuentro Guadalupe – a farm-to-table culinary adventure with breathtaking views
  6. Lunario – an intimate, indoor dining experience with an upscale prix-fixe menu
  7. Laja – proclaimed as the “French Laundry” of Baja – UPDATE June, 2020 – Laja Restaurant has unfortunately closed
  8. Cuervo – simple yet elegant comfort food with breathtaking views of Adobe Guadalupe’s vines
  9. TrasLomita – dinner among the vineyard’s enchanting gardens
  10. Malva – innovative farm-to-table tasting menu and wine pairings under an outdoor Palapa
  11. Baja Omakase – alfresco sushi bar collab by Michelin Star chef and master sushi chef
  12. Animalon – celebrity chef creates a magical dining ambiance under a massive oak tree (Seasonal)

1. Fauna

Photos by Campera Hotel Burbuja

WHY: Awarded Mexico’s Restaurant of the Year 2020

Wow, “Mexico’s Restaurant of the Year”, what an amazing accomplishment for the ever-popular restaurant located on the property of Bruma. Chef Hussong’s menu reflects his creative approach and remains a staple for visitors and locals alike and is a must when visiting Valle de Guadalupe. Dishes are basic to showcase traditional flavors, yet still remain innovative. The experience is a balance between upscale and casual – the atmosphere feels hip and trendy while the long tables create comforting family-style dining.

Restaurant Details

2. Deckman's en el Mogor

WHY: Alfresco Kitchen and Dining from a Michelin Star Chef

Located inside the Mogor-Badan vineyards, is an unforgettable dining experience where Michelin Star chef, Drew Deckman, cooks in his alfresco kitchen. There’s something special about being able to see your food as it’s being prepared, making the meal so much more personal and intimate. Of course, the ingredients are all local or grown onsite at the Mogor Ranch. To maximize freshness and cater to dietary requirements of guests, each dish is made-to-order. Incredible food, dining in nature, and the gorgeous view makes Deckman’s a memorable experience for all who visit.

Restaurant Details

3. Corazon de Tierra

Photos by Corazon de Tierra

WHY: Voted One of “Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants”

Opened in 2011 by chef Diego Hernandez, Corazon de Tierra was voted as one of “Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants” 2018. Translated to “heart of the land” the menu is meant to highlight all that the sacred land has to offer and remind guests that the land is an essential life force. The menu changes with the harvest from the on-site garden and animal availability from nearby farms. The dining room beautifully compliments the balance between nature and food. Glass windows allow natural sunlight and allow guests to admire the landscape and gardens. The rustic wood floors, mismatched chairs, and eclectic decor add character and charm to the entire experience.

Restaurant Details

4. Finca Altozano

WHY: Celebrity Chef Turns a Rustic Outdoor BBQ Into One of the Most Popular Restaurants in Valle

Celebrity chef Javier Plascencia uses his creativity to make his delicious interpretations of traditional Mexican dishes on an open-fire barbeque. Watch as your delicious food is brought to life right in front of you. Quality is always guaranteed from Plascencia and his restaurants will impress anyone who is a fan of local, sustainable ingredients. Plenty of seating and lounge areas make this casual, upscale dining experience perfect for large groups or those who prefer to linger. Enjoy local wine, craft beer, or a classic cocktail while you take in the impressive valley landscape.

Restaurant Details

5. Origen at Encuentro Guadalupe

WHY: Enjoy A Beautiful Culinary Adventure While Taking in the Breathtaking Scenery

Encuentro Guadalupe is known for their unique lofts set among the mountainside; however, it is important to not overlook the hotel’s restaurant. Chef Omar Valenzuela is part of a new generation of chef’s creating culinary adventures that are sure to make you fall in love with the elements of northern Baja California cuisine. His exquisite dishes consist of fresh ingredients grown in the onsite gardens. Almost too beautiful to eat, the colors, the presentation, and the flavors will make this dining experience the highlight of your day. Enjoy the breathtaking views and a tasting menu of 3, 6, and 9 courses everyday from 1-9 pm.

Restaurant Details

6. Lunario

WHY: An Intimate, Indoor Dining Experience with An Upscale Prix-Fixe Menu

Sheyla Alvarado’s new concept is located on the grounds of La Lomita Vineyard and just steps away from the ever-favorite TrasLomita restaurant. Inspired by the phases of the moon, it’s only open at night to showcase the spectacular lunar landscape while you dine. The restaurant’s unique structure is similar to a greenhouse containing a glass ceiling and the intimate space only accommodates 40-50 guests. A Prix-Fixe 8-course menu is offered with optional wine pairings. A la carte menu and pricing are also available. Like most top restaurants in Valle de Guadalupe, the menu changes frequently in accordance with what the land has to offer during the different seasons of the year.

Restaurant Details

7. Laja

Photos by Laja

WHY: Proclaimed as the “French Laundry” of Baja

Laja was actually one of the first Valle de Guadalupe restaurants to gain international acclaim and launch Valle into the international food scene. It continues to gain applaud thanks to the innovative menu that is a fusion of classical French technique with Mexican and American influences. The gorgeous barn-style building has a rustic feel and was first built in 2001 by the chef-patron with the help of local workers. The menu is a seasonal four-to eight-course offering that changes weekly depending on what the kitchen garden provides. Tellez is determined to reflect his passions for the land by using the freshest and most pure ingredients he can find. His menu can be quite unpredictable, but part of the experience is embracing the unknown.

Restaurant Details

8. Cuervo

WHY: Enjoy Simple, Yet Elegant Food in Gardens of Adobe Guadalupe Vineyard

Located in the garden overlooking the vines of Adobe Guadalupe is Cuervo – a seasonal restaurant run by chef Francisco Gallegos. The robust flavors of his simple dishes incorporate fire, smoke, ferments, and preserve techniques and are brought to life using charcoal and wood ovens and grills. In a breathtaking setting, this outdoor kitchen and dining experience is truly one of Valle de Guadalupe’s hidden gems. The shade trees allow guests to kick back, relax and enjoy the company of loved ones for hours. One of the most beautiful places to take in the valley’s “golden hour” – the time of day just before sunset when the sun reaches down and touches the vines.

Restaurant Details

9. TrasLomita

WHY: Dinner among the Vineyard’s Enchanting Gardens

The restaurant located behind La Lomita’s vineyard offers a seasonal dining experience outdoors among the vines. While the setting is truly remarkable the food is even better. Chef Sheyla Alvarado prepares all her food on a grill or wood-burning oven – a cooking concept you are sure to love and appreciate.

Restaurant Details

10. Malva

WHY: Innovative Farm-to-Table Tasting Menu and Wine Pairings Under An Outdoor Palapa

Chef Alcocer adds his own special touches to traditional recipes that showcase the roots of Mexican flavors, such as earth, smoke, acid, spice, and citrus. Consistently listed as one of “San Pellegrino’s Top 100 Mexican Restaurants” Alcocer is praised for his 10-course tasting menu that is perfect to share with family and friends. The dining room at Malva is an open-air palapa, complete with a thatched roof made of palm leaves and expansive views of the vineyard and gardens below. Grafitti covered walls and concrete floor create a fun and funky dining ambiance. A must-try is the prized seafood dishes that are sourced locally out of Baja’s False Bay.

Restaurant Details

11. Baja Omakase

Photo by Baja Omakase

WHY: Alfresco Sushi Bar Collab by Michelin Star Chef and Master Sushi Chef

Sushi in the middle of wine country, why not? Michelin Star Chef Drew Deckman partnered with master sushi chef Toshi Tsutada to create an outdoor sushi bar among the vines. Their goal is to provide guests an authentic Japanese experience and to make them appreciate the super fresh, in-season fish from the local Baja waters. A twelve-course prix-fixe menu is offered with no vegan or vegetarian options. The alfresco sushi bar has seats for 12 diners and offers three seating daily at 1, 4, and 7 pm.

Restaurant Details

12. Animalon

WHY: Celebrity Chef’s Creates a Magical Dining Ambiance Under A Massive Oak Tree

The seasonal, pop-up restaurant by celebrity Chef Javier Plascencia was meant to only be open for only one season, but it is going on its third. The outdoor restaurant is located on the same property as Finca Altozano and is tucked away, hidden under an impressive 200-year old oak tree. This dining ambiance is truly spectacular, especially at night as the entire tree is illuminated by hundreds of lanterns hanging from the tree’s massive branches. The ever-changing 4, 6, or 8-course tasting menus contain dishes with a Mediterranean, ‘Franco-Afrique,’ India, and Southeast Asia inspiration. The creativity, presentation, and flavors of each course are exquisite. Wine pairings are optional and a great way to complete your dining experience.

Restaurant Details


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